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ABBA: A Women's Resource Center

Ministry Address:
1250 Forest Avenue 2nd Floor
Portland, ME 04103

Website: www.abbaportland.org


ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center opens its doors to men and women whose lives have been changed due to an unplanned pregnancy. Last year, ABBA was able to assist many women with pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasound, limited STI/STD testing, educational programs, sexual integrity programs, mentoring, and restoration programs. In Maine, over 2,000 abortions took place in 2014. Men and women are struggling with a pregnancy they didn’t plan.

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center, provides medical services to abortion-minded women in the Portland community. The center provides pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasounds, and limited STI testing and treatment with medical professionals and additional client advocates to provide assistance and options counseling during their appointment.

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center provides support for women who choose life through parenting and mentoring programs. These classes provide women with support and encouragement by teaching life skills, setting goals, and providing essential items through redeeming points at the Boutique.

The Portland LifeGuard Sexual Integrity program offers various studies about building and maintaining healthy relationships. The curriculum is designed for sessions with “tweens” (ages 9-12), teens (13-19), and adults (20 and over). In individual or group session, the program covers topics about abstinence until marriage, healthy sexual relationship boundaries, sexual abuse, and establishing a healthy marriage. The program can be presented in schools, either faith-based or public, and youth groups to teach young adults about healthy sexual boundaries.

ABBA, A Women’s Resource Center wants women to find emotional and spiritual healing for their abortion decision. The Post Abortion Recovery program, either in a group or individual setting, consists of 10 weeks of sessions to move past the guilt, shame and hurt to find the love and forgiveness the Lord can provide. If you, or someone you know, needs to find healing from a past abortion, contact ABBA to find out more information.

Beals Wycliffe

Bruce and Heather Beal

Personal Address:
7500 W Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, TX 75236

Email: handbbealfam@gmail.com

214-316 4527 (c)
972-708-7783 (h)

Mission Address:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
PO Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200

Bruce grew up in Gray, ME, and holds degrees in Bible and Secondary Education. Heather holds a degree in Chemistry and received a MA from Biblical Theological Seminary. They joined Wycliffe and worked for several years in Mexico with the Soyaltepec Mazatec people group. In 2011, Heather finished her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, using her dissertation to describe the tone system of the Soyaltepec Mazatec language. In 2013, they transitioned from working in the village to working at the Jaime Torres Bodet (JTB) Linguistics Center in Mitla and at Oaxaca Christian School (OCS) in Oaxaca City. During this time, Heather served as a Linguistics consultant and Bruce served as a Secondary School teacher. In 2014, Heather was diagnosed with bladder cancer, forcing the family to relocate to Maryland until Heather was cancer-free. In 2016, they moved to the International Linguistics Center (ILC) in Dallas, TX. Heather currently serves as adjunct faculty at Dallas International University (DIU), teaching Oral Bible Translation. In addition, she also serves as the Summer Term Director, administrating DIU’s summer school. Heather continues to serve as a Linguistics consultant for Bible translation teams in Mexico, both in-person and on-line. Bruce continues to homeschool their teenage kids, Michaela and Joshua, while working with local Preschool and Elementary ministries.

Supported since 2000

Dwight and Jessica Bernier

Dwight and Jessica Bernier

51 Ave de Breslay
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
H9S 4M8

Telephone: 514-583-3320

Website: https://church21.ca

Mission Address:
Acts 29 Canada
1923 Avenue Prud’Homme
Montreal, Quebec H4A3H1

Dwight grew up near Portland, Maine and was raised in a Christian home but decided that church and God were not for him. After several years, a series of events led him back to Christ and he enrolled in a Bible college. While there, he met several men from Quebec who told him about the incredible need of the people of Quebec to hear the gospel. Montreal is a thriving, diverse city where the gospel has never taken root. Less than 2% of Montreal are Christians. Over the past 40 years, people of Montreal have turned away from their Catholic background and embraced an extremely pluralistic society that embraces all world views and cultures as long as they have nothing to do with the church. This has led to an ignorance of the Bible, Jesus and the church and how God can interrelate with their lives. Dwight spent several summers in Montreal working with a missions organization reaching out to people of the city. His heart was burdened with the desire to plant churches in Montreal and to share the gospel with those in the city. Dwight and his wife, Jess and their children are planting churches in Quebec. They moved to Montreal in Sept 2010 and are making contacts with people to create communities focused on Christ. They recently moved to a suburban location to expand the ministry in that area.

Supported since 2011


Child Evangelism Fellowship

Mission Address:
(State Office)
CEF of Maine
431 Campground Rd
Livermore Falls, ME 04254

Phone: (207) 897-6182

Website: www.cefofmaine.org

Mission Address:
(Southern ME office)
CEF of Southern Maine
879 Sawyer St.
South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: (207) 432-1861

Email: cefsome@gmail.com

Website: www.cefofmaine.org

CEF is a Bible centered, worldwide organization, whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living. The state office helps to coordinate activities among the regional Maine chapters and operate a full summer program of camping at Camp Good News. They offer teacher training and a training program (Christian Youth In Action) for teens interested in teaching children.

Kevin and Jenny Lambertson have been on staff with CEF of Southern Maine since 2011. As of January 1, 2015, Kevin stepped into the local directorship position with a vision to reach out to new local churches in partnership, offering widespread training, and continuing to equip individuals to reach out to their own communities. Jenny works in a weekly club and is currently handling public relations projects. Chris St. Clair graduated from Word of Life Bible Institute in New York in 2015 and is a full time staff member. Donna Woerter is our Sagadahoc county representative and club coordinator. Debbie Porter is our administrative secretary.


Mike & Caryn DiGena

Mike and Caryn have followed the Lord’s calling to France were they have served for nearly 25 years. They are currently based in in Lyon, France’s second largest metropolitan area. Mike serves as leader of the Lyon City Team with its three families. The team is committed to the vision of seeing ‘Communities of true worship in every ‘quartier’ (neighborhood)’. Jesus’ clear statement that the “Father seeks worshipers that worship Him in spirit and in truth” is our inspiration as we reach out by ‘Carrying Christ, making disciples, and transforming communities for the glory of God’. Current team involvement with likeminded partners includes French church planting, International church planting and ministry to refugees and victims of human trafficking. Thank you for joining us in praying for more workers to join us in this field of harvest.

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Free Indeed Ministries

Ted and Anna Robinson

Robinson Family

Ministry Address:
Free Indeed Ministries
P.O. Box 101
Blue Hill, ME 04614

Phone: (207) 945-3424

Website: www.freeindeedne.com

We are in the ministry to help those who struggle with relational and/or sexual brokenness. We have learned a tremendous amount about addiction and how to treat it according to God’s inerrant, true, living Word. We have improved the effectiveness of how we treat sexual addiction and caused the lives of hundreds of families to change their own personal relationship with their creator and ultimately their interpersonal relationships. We have three purposes. Our first purpose is to offer hope for the captive. We provide 6 highly effective, biblical based discipleship programs to meet individual needs. These are: Freedom Fighter Program, Freedom Fighter Follow-on Program, Taking Back Ground Program, Taking Back Ground Follow-on Program, Wives Issues Program, and Create In Me a Pure Heart Women’s Program. Our second purpose is to be a Christian preservative in our culture. Our third purpose is to support your local church. We provide support to the local pastors and families dealing with these difficult issues in their families and church communities. We speak in local churches to share information about this ministry and to speak directly to the issues of these struggles.


Greater Portland Christian School

1338 Broadway
South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: 207-767-5123

Website: www.gpcs.net

Founded in 1973, Greater Portland Christian School (GPCS) is an independent, multi-denominational, college-preparatory day school for preschool through twelfth grade. We are a Christian institution, founded and maintained for God’s glory above all other considerations. To achieve our highest goal of directing our students to worship their Creator and Savior through learning, we partner with Christian parents and churches in training our students to view every subject and every aspect of life through the lens of God’s Word, the Bible—to think biblically about their world, and then to live in harmony with that biblical perspective. GPCS parents choose this school for their children because of our Christian worldview; our competent, caring faculty who share their biblical values; the strong academic program; small class sizes; extracurricular opportunities; and supportive community atmosphere. Greater Portland Christian School provides a distinctively Christian education which complements the home and church, brings a biblical perspective to every subject, and helps parents prepare their children for a God-glorifying life.

Cru - Lifelines

Rebecca Harrington

Email: rebecca.harrington@cru.org

Ministry Address:
100 Lake Hart Drive
Orlando, FL 32832

Phone: (888) 278-7233

Rebecca first came in contact with Cru as a student at Dartmouth College, where being part of a women’s Bible study community positively impacted her walk with God and helped her see reaching out to others with the hope of Jesus as an important part of every Jesus-follower’s role. She joined staff with Cru in 2010 after graduating. After her intern years at UMaine Orono, Rebecca has served with Cru on the Northeast Lifelines team in Plymouth, NH and now in greater Portland, ME. Her husband Chris also volunteers with Cru.

Lifelines is the outdoor and experiential learning network of Cru’s college campus ministry. Rebecca and her fellow staff coach local campus ministry groups near Portland, leading Bible studies and mentoring students. They also lead evangelism and development trips for college groups all across the Northeast, from New York to Maine. Students are challenged spiritually and physically on outdoor trips like rock climbing and white-water rafting. Adventure tends to expose our deepest fears and beliefs about ourselves, God, and others! In that place of heart awareness, staff share about Christ in the discussion and how he’s relevant to all aspects of life. Diverse groups come on trips, like fraternities, sports teams, Cru student groups, and freshman dorm groups. Cru’s desire is to give everyone the opportunity to place their trust in Jesus, to build people up in their faith, and to help them invite others to be disciples of Jesus as well.



Instagram: @lifelines.northeast

giving website: give.cru.org/0628133

Hasbrouck Family

David & Katrina Hasbrouck

David and Katrina Hasbrouck live in Spain and are involved in a couple of ministries. David primarily does video production for an Arabic speaking audience. Katrina helps with Comunicando vida, our Spanish counseling and church training ministry. If you would like more information, please contact a missions committee member or feel free to e-mail us at david@avmi.org or katrina@avmi.org.

His Mansion

His Mansion Ministries

His Mansion serves two distinct groups in the body of Christ. They offer help to those suffering from physical, emotional and spiritual problems and they equip and train Christians who are called for ministry. His Mansion has been called to minister those with addictions (alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, and others), victims of abuse (physical, emotional and other), those suffering from emotional and behavioral dysfunction, and pregnant women in crisis. His Mansion presents several opportunities for Christians desiring to be trained and equipped for ministry including short and long-term internships, counseling courses, support group seminars, and other classes and conferences. His Mansion has as one of its foundational beliefs that it is necessary to deal with the sins and guilt in people facing difficulties in order to produce healing of the body and soul. Their facilities are open to men and women ages 18-35 who apply to voluntarily spend one year in a community. His Mansion also has Christian Growth Centers to enhance the transition from a recovery program to daily life. These are multi-unit apartment complexes where men and women can continue the healing process. New Beginnings is their residential program for unmarried pregnant women in crisis. They also offer an innovative approach to church based support groups through a seminar called Pressing Onward.

Supported since 1983

Life In Messiah Logo

Life In Messiah

Mission Address:
Life In Messiah
PO Box 5470
Lansing, IL 60438

Phone: (708) 418-0020



Life in Messiah is a combined ministry of Immanuel Ministries, Message to Israel and American Messianic Fellowship International. These organizations have merged to better be able to reach Jewish people. Life in Messiah takes a fervent stand that God’s love for the Jewish people is everlasting (Jer. 31:3) and that His promises are eternal. The covenant of Sinai is taken at face value, believing God’s promise to Israel cannot be revoked or reassigned, rejecting outright the unbiblical notion that God has rejected Israel in favor of the Church. As the Scriptures affirm in Romans 11, “God’s gift and His call are irrevocable,” (Romans 11:29).

Never known as a “cookie-cutter” organization, as field staff join Life in Messiah, they are encouraged to develop a ministry plan for the place God was calling them and that would best use their gifts and strengths. Day-to-day life looks very different for our staff. They may be visiting those oft forgotten in nursing homes, teaching Bible studies, teaching evangelism classes about sharing with Jewish friends, literature distribution in Jewish communities, and leading congregations of Jewish people who love Messiah Jesus. They emphasize working within relationships.

Supported since 1993


Dale & Ann Little

Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (Japan)

Website: www.tokyolittles.net

Email: dale@tokyolittles.net, ann@tokyolittles.net

Mission Website: http://www.efccm.asia

Mission Address:
Evangelical Free Church of Canada
Box 850 Langley Stn LCD 1
Langley, BC V3A 8S6 Canada

Ann (daughter of Ken & Elsie Maxwell) grew up in Cape Elizabeth Me while Dale was born and raised in Japan where his parents served as missionaries. The purpose of their lifetime ministry in Japan is to model and encourage BOTH the vision for making disciples of Jesus Christ through compassionate church planting AND the development of evangelical theology from which that vision rises. From 1984-2004 (20 years) they were with ReachGlobal (EFC of America). Since 2004 they have been with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM). Dale and Ann planted Owariasahi EFC in greater Nagoya (1986-94) and Sunrise Chapel (Higashimurayama EFC) in Tokyo (1999-2004). They served as the interim pastoral couple of the English Department of Musashino Chapel Center, or Tokyo Musashino EFC (2007-10), with a view to leading that church’s next church planting project, which became Tokyo Multicultural Church that they launched in 2013. Dale also lectures part time in theology (in Japanese) at Japan Bible Seminary and periodically publishes. In addition, Dale and Ann serve as Asia Ministry Coaches for the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission.

Supported since 1984

Tokyo Multicultural Church Website


Larry and Debbie Porter

Personal Address:
26 Cavalcade Blvd.
Johnston, RI 02919

Telephone: 207-766-1084

Email: larry@cefri.org

Ministry Address:
P.O. Box 688
Hope, RI 02831

The Porter’s ministry with CEF began in 1987 after Larry graduated from Word of Life Bible Institute. They continued to serve as local directors until 1992 when they made preparations to serve in Haiti. They ministered in Haiti from 1996-2004 when they had to leave due to political unrest. Upon their return to the USA, they served CEF at the World Headquarters. In 2006, they came to Maine to serve as the Southern Maine directors. They led in this capacity until 2014. The Porters are now leading short term missions trips through CEF. In Larry’s words: “We are taking the goodnews of the Gospel to children and discipling them inthe Word of God for Christian living. But we are doing this through the avenue of Short-Term Mission trips. Why short-term missions? I’m glad that you ask. Short-term mission trips give young people the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and experience the power of God working in and through them as they step out in faith to serve Him. Our goal is to take teams of CYIA™’ ers on two short-term mission trips per year. We plan to serve nationally and internationally”.

Shelters By Jesus

Shelters By Jesus

Ministry Address:
12 McLellan St.
Skowhegan, ME 04976

Phone: (207) 474-8833

Website: www.sheltersbyjesus.com

Facebook Page

This Christian homeless shelter is located in Skowhegan,Maine. We get people off of the street. We teach and heal through God’s Word. We help them get back on their feet; reconcile with friends and family, heal from addictions and get back into society. We seek to live out our faith through the local church in accordance with the Word of God and to disciple believers to live organically missional lives ensuring that there are “no needy among us” physically or spiritually. (Acts 4:34) The somewhat unorthodox method of having the residents run the facility and establish it by feeding, clothing and helping others find gainful employment is nothing short of miraculous… and it works! The staff (residents) get room and board for their positions. They work in the office, the food pantry, the laundry, and the kitchen. They fire up the wood boiler and do any necessary chores; all requirements for an on-going operation, so that when the next needy soul shows up at the door, there is shelter from the storm! We are simple people within and around the community with a single purpose and heart for the homeless.

It’s all about Jesus!

Transformation Project

Transformation Project

Ministry Address:
907 Maine Street
Westbrook, ME 04092

Email: contact@thetransformationproject.org

Telephone: (207) 854-2226

Website: www.ttpmaine.org

Facebook Page

Our mission is to offer reentry support providing life changing opportunities for young offenders. Our philosophy is based on the idea that the improvement of the individual leads to the improvement of the community. We are confident that through our partnerships and projects, we can have an impact on the communities surrounding us in a positive and transformative way. We are working with law enforcement agencies, trained counselors and other professionals to give people transitioning from lock-up the tools and support needed to become successful, independent, and contributing citizens. As we give chances to those who’ve been written off so many times before, we’re hoping to help change their future, and the future of the communities they inhabit.

The Transformation Project’s mission is to minimize our 85% recidivism rate and to bring the communities of Maine together to support its members who have experienced incarceration by providing them, at no charge, a safe and positive supportive environment, and the opportunity for housing, employment, case management and mentoring. The Transformation Project (TTP) partners with Maine correctional facilities, churches, organizations, corporations, and volunteers to support offenders working to successfully reenter their community. TTP provides support via case management inside and outside of lockup, housing and employment opportunities, and mentoring and educational programming. It is our purpose at The Transformation Project to provide offenders both inside corrections and upon release necessary supports as they live out their potential, becoming all that God has created them to be.


Rus & Jen Willette

Personal Address:
43 Clay Road
Gorham, ME 04038

Telephone: 207-272-3799

Email: coachrus@gmail.com

Rus and Jen both grew up in Christian homes. Rus grew up near Portland and spent some time in his early 20’s in the Boston area in school and coaching. Jen moved to the Portland area when she was 18. During their engagement (and for the first 8 years of their marriage), they were active leaders in the youth ministry at their church. After the birth of their 2nd child, they began to open up their home once a week to the local college students. As Rus faced a job change, a suggestion was made that he consider full-time ministry to college students. Both Rus and Jen felt this ministry was perfect fit for their gifting and pursued ministry with the Navigators. They have a house about 2 miles from campus and continue to offer weekly gatherings at their home. Rus has taken on more leadership roles in the college ministry in Maine and they have seen opportunities open at USM and Maine Maritime Academy. These ministries are led by student leaders who are themselves discipled by Navigator staff. New ministry opportunities and possibilities of other college campuses continue to arise. The purpose of the Navigators is to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost. We spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by establishing life-on-life mentoring (or discipling) relationships with people, equipping them to make an impact on those around them for God’s glory.

Supported since 2017